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Zombilution (AppStore Link) Zombilution
Developer: Vyacheslav Klymenko
Rated: 12+3
Price: $0.99 Download

When you hear the title Zombilution it is quite obvious that the game revolves around zombies. The zombies that we all love and hate, those that infect survivors after chasing and mauling them. Zombie genre games are so many and are very popular. In Zombilution on the other hand, the player’s task is not to play a hero role trying to kill the zombies but they are going to control the zombie with the purpose of finding the survivors.

The players have to tilt the device in order for them to control the strong mutant zombie and guide it to attack the survivors and the soldiers who are trying to escape. When it’s near the victims, the zombie can attack and turns the victims into zombies. The newly turned zombies are now hungry for flesh and will attack other victims. The zombie hoards are growing and they are led by the mutant zombie that the player controls. The goal of the game is to attack as many survivors as possible and to prevent them from running towards the bunker- furthermore; the bunkers must be destroyed while trying to avoid the gunfire shots by the soldiers.

There are many special zombies with different abilities. One of which can unleash spittle, that is so strong that it can destroy any vehicle in sight. A slot machine is also present in this game, rewarding players by improving their mutant zombie into a faster, more destructive and stronger monster.

Real merit is the main concept of the game. A little glitch though with the control system, players experience that they have to tilt the device to a certain degree making it hard to see the screen at some point.

One of the coolest elements in the game design of this game is perhaps the use of the real imagery taken by the satellite of Washington D. C. for the 8 levels of the game. Zombilution is a very creative game with exciting and breath-taking concepts and mechanics.

Zombilution, 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
Reviewed by matt on 29 June 2011

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