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Velocispider (AppStore Link) Velocispider
Developer: Retro Dreamer
Rated: 12+
Price: $2.99 Download

The addictive yet surprisingly simple gameplay of this game, Velocispider is what makes this game so entertaining and fun way beyond its concept. Playing this game is so much fun and acquiring power-ups while playing in order to eliminate the villain is absolutely satisfying to the gamers. And to add to the fun of this game a Game center leaderboard showcases the top 5 friend’s scores, in this way the meta-competition spices up the game play and players are driven by force to beat the friends’ scores.

Velocispider’s only problem is perhaps it’s lacking when it comes to content, which means beating 20 waves won’t take the player that long, in this way, it’s from the high score where the replay value came up, in general playing would start from the first wave and gamers have to try as hard as they could to last. Perhaps adding more difficulty modes and different waves could have been helpful. So probably what is best for this game is some kind of mode which is endless, so it is worthwhile for the players to pursue a high score. It is also of utmost importance that the help page should be splashed even before the first play because some players have already beaten the very first play through without them realizing that there is a charge laser which is very useful when attacking a vertical number of enemies. Having touch-based would also be another great option to implement.


Reviewed by matt on 09 June 2011

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