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Twisted Maestro

Twisted Maestro (AppStore Link) Twisted Maestro
Developer: WindyVision Systems, Inc.
Rated: 4+4
Price: free Download

As many other games, Twisted Maestro requires a great deal of instant reaction. So playing this game revolves around finding solutions to puzzles, while at the same time allowing players to focus on the twitch aspect of playing this game. Take a look at the games in the past like Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Most of these games are about responding as quickly as possible. Twisted Maestro approaches this game playing phenomenon in such a way that is twitchy, however that is where the comparisons ends.

As a main part of this game, Twisted Maestro, gamers are required to look at the exact piano key and tap it at once, in order to be in tune with the beat of the music. And I guess that’s all you need to know of the game. Quick reaction is perhaps easy enough only at the beginning of the 10 levels which are not yet very challenging. However, the great difficulty starts after the next 10 levels. Twisted Maestro proves to be very challenging. No matter how difficult the levels can be players just seems to keep trying even though they will soon face the final level when they are guaranteed to fail miserably. Gamers won’t feel cheated after all since the response times are set right. Moreover, super-fast reaction is required in playing this game.

Twisted Maestro does not really offer any unlimited game-play once a player has reached their certain reaction limit. An additional app of this game offers a quick reaction test which is a great addition to the game itself. However, Twisted Maestro is free so it is really hard to blame. As another kind of short distraction app, this game can be fun. But don’t really expect for this game to stay around for a long time in your device.


Reviewed by matt on 06 June 2011

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