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on the way to woodstock
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On The Way to Woodstock

On the way to Woodstock (AppStore Link) On the way to Woodstock
Developer: Amped, Inc.
Rated: 12+4.5
Price: $4.99 Download

On The Way to Woodstock is a game designed in a timeline. When you play the game you will find the 3 pieces which are green in color along the right and left which represent the roads to Woodstock and back. The 1950’s are the background of the game, this is the decade in which the Woodstock delegates started creating their views. The ending of the game revolves around how Woodstock has thrived to this very day, through many events. The pieces that are yellow colored, center around the historical event.

This app is available with complete features which make you feel that Woodstock is a total experience and not just a reading nor a passive session. Throughout the entire timeline, videos are scattered. A lot of biographies and film clips are disclosed in order to explain a wide range of topic by a star. So whenever a certain performer is concerned, additional albums and songs are displayed. The entire timeline is also composed of a huge photo gallery which has captions on it as well. Hitting a play icon on your screen across the very top-right will allow the sample track to be played located in the appropriate section.

Although this game On The Way to Woodstock has given many a lot of great experiences, it has given a few others a great deal of disappointment. Firstly, song SAMPLES fill up this app. Another major disappointment is that this app has proved to be useless once the user goes offline. However, this might not be considered a big problem for those who are paying 3G IPads monthly. Music samples as well as videos can be streamed (through YouTube) which can possibly be done through iTunes as well. However, some functions such as artwork and text can still work properly even without the use of internet. But still the audio tracks and the videos are the essential ingredients to make this app a worthwhile experience.


Reviewed by matt on 06 June 2011

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