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Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit (AppStore Link) Bad Rabbit
Developer: Wizdom Studio Inc.
Rated: 4+4
Price: $0.99 Download

In the modern world of turtles and rabbits, corruption has become quite rampant. What a pity that Bad Rabbit has been incarcerated by the hands of the very bad turtle guard. Now, he has to break free as soon as possible. However, Bad Rabbit, our hero has a lot of never ending running to do and might absolutely not reach the end, on the other hand this game will certainly turn into a very exciting game to get hooked to.

This game offers 2 different modes of play and both offer the same system of control. A mode of this game which is called, the fly mode can make Bad Rabbit fly, you can let him fly across of your screen. So, in order to alter the direction in which Bad Rabbit flies you have to tap your screen. All this action is a must considering the fact that Bad Rabbit has to pass numerous hurdles along the way such as, laser obstacles, concrete building and turtle guards. The best thing is that Bad Rabbit can collect Special health potion that can boost his character and shields in order to keep him up. He can also rocket quickly across the screen once you have collected all 3 special coins. In this way he can dodge the obstacles faster.

Another mode of this game is called the drop mode. This is very exciting since Bad Rabbit is being knocked down, as opposed to the other mode. Both of the modes offer a challenging quest but this mode is quite easy to navigate. The best thing about this game is it consistently updates the players with how well they are doing in the game by highlighting the instant they have beaten their previous scores or have achieved another accomplishment.

On OpenFeint leaderboards, high scores are being shown in order to keep the competitiveness of the game going, and one can also find a great deal of achievements by accumulating a great deal of coins or reaching a certain level.

An urban artwork for Bad Rabbit adds up to the new unique visual design in grungy and what appears to be dark theme as opposed to the cuteness imagery of what a turtle or a rabbit should look like.

Moreover the title, “Bad Rabbit” is also very brilliantly thought of. Although it is very addicting but learning it is quite easy. Even though the game is somewhat fast-paced, it develops gradually so the gamers won’t feel that they’re being overwhelmed. This game is appealing and can be played in a short burst as opposed to a fully extended time, making players feel like they have accomplished a lot.


Reviewed by matt on 07 June 2011

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