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7 Little Words

7 Little Words (AppStore Link) 7 Little Words
Developer: Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Rated: 4+5
Price: free Download

From the creator of many people’s favorite, Moxie, Blue Ox now features a new word game called, 7 Little Woods. 7 Little Words, like Moxie attempts to be new and different from all other word game which are now lead by many Boggle-like clones and the classic Scrabble. This game is very simple and you can say, not that revolutionary, but still it’s free. And big fans of word games find it really fun to play with, in the long run.

The premise is quite simple for 7 Little Words. The players are allowed to have seven clues and a grid of tiles with letters in each level. So, 2 to 3 letters each comprised the letter tiles, and the clues for this game, are pretty easy and a little bit similar to those in crossword puzzles. Answering all of the 7 clues given with the help of the available tile is pretty much the aim of this game. For example, the answer, say “eighty” so the clue can be read “fourscore”. In the end all of the tiles in that the players have would be used up.


Reviewed by matt on 08 June 2011

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